Wet OXO Biodegradable
Thermal OXO Biodegradable

Why use OXO Bio-degradable OPP lamination films?

OXO Bio technology which has been incorporated into our range of “Image Green” films has been around for some time now, although some people are still unsure how the film works and the benefits it has.

Designed to tackle the ever increasing amount of plastic waste that accumulates in our oceans and land OXO Bio technology was born.

Made from the by-product of oil refining, it has all the same handling capabilities that you can expect with our standard BOPP films, but with the extra benefit of a shorter and more controlled life expectancy for the green environment of today. Other benefits include easy sheet separation and no unexpected film splitting that can occur quite frequently with traditional Acetate films.

Extruded with non eco toxic pro-degradant additives the film undergoes a 2 stage degradation process.

Oxidative degradation/Bio degradation – After an approximate 2 year period the additive will initiate the process of oxidation in the film by the action of oxygen, ultra-violet light and or heat. Now fragmented (the films molecular chains are weakened and broken down into shorter lengths) the remaining micro fragments are ready for Bio degradation where natural occurring micro-organisms present in nature can access the film. No methane is produced during the degradation process.       









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