We believe we provide the best BOPP laminating film in the market.

Here at G.I.F we offer an extensive range of Image laminating films, we have selected all these films which we feel will give our clients the overall range currently required in the market. In most cases they are all stocked and ready for supply.

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Soft Touch Metalised:

This film has both metallic and soft touch qualities, it has a light grey matt (silver) appearance when laminated. Due to its opaque finish further applications must be performed on the top surface of the film in order to extract the full metallic qualities that the film can offer.

It is ideal for spot UV where the finish will look fantastic but the film really comes into its own when printed on. Compatible with UV inks, Digital toner and Oxidative offset inks. The printed area will turn to a metallic finish creating a superb effect, in the mean time; the rest of the film which has not been printed will retain a soft touch effect. The film is also glueable and stampable.

This film is a designers dream as it offers a number of great finishes and will enhance any packaged product or any product that wishes to give a good impression.







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