We believe we provide the best BOPP laminating film in the market.

Here at G.I.F we offer an extensive range of Image laminating films, we have selected all these films which we feel will give our clients the overall range currently required in the market. In most cases they are all stocked and ready for supply.

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Thermal Metalised BOPP

Silver Metalised:

This is a BOPP film which is printable, glueable and stampable and is a lot easier to process through laminators than polyester (PET) metalised film, considering it is a polypropylene based film it has a bright metallic finish. This film can be used for a number of applications including cartons, boxes brochures and many more; it allows the designer to produce a finish that will look both striking and elegant at the same time.





Packaging boxes

Image of maps

Image of packaging tubes

Image of binders